the women with intention


My name is Iris. I was raised between two worlds: that of a Greek, and of a German grand-mother. Yaya come from a tiny village in Crete and was a mountain farmer full of vigor. She fed my summers with wonderful stories of plants and natural wisdom. Oma was a methodical seamstress from Munich, and I used to spend hours watching her and my aunt engineer stylish and beautiful dresses. These Essences are an homage to them: to a passion for ancient natural remedies mixed with the crafting rigueur of modern research and technology.


When I was 19, I lost both my grand-mothers. I was so shaken that I left Germany, hoping that a change of environment and new adventures would heal my soul. After years exploring Asia, I moved to Bali in 2000 and I found that being on the island was taking me back to the warmth, simplicity, energizing and nature-honoring lifestyle of my Greek summers. This is when I realized that by reconnecting with the essence of my childhood, I was creating a new sense for my life, making peace with the past, and looking towards an exciting - not scary or uncertain - future.

Today, I have put all these feelings into 5 intense Essences, filled with my intention to share with you all that I have learned, and all that has brought me happiness and fulfillment in the hope that this helps you on your own journey.

With love,